We truly live in the best place on earth- New Hampshire. With its natural beauty, serene lakes, sprawling forests and majestic mountains, it's not only a destination for vacationers and leaf-peepers, it's also a place that over 1.3 million people call home.

Protecting what makes New Hampshire the best place to live is key to looking forward to the future. Planting the seeds of economic stability today ensures a tax-free tomorrow. Planting the seeds of education today ensures the skilled workforce of tomorrow. Planting infrastructure today ensures commercial growth tomorrow. Protecting the family today ensures the families of tomorrow.

Join me this year and help ensure New Hampshire's future, by doing what's right today.

-Robert Fisher

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New Hampshire residents need good, affordable healthcare. Unfortunately, what we got was Obamacare... like trying to solve the homeless problem by forcing people to buy houses. Instead of bringing healthcare rates to affordable levels, Obamacare continues to leave patients in the dark about healthcare costs while hitting them with sky-rocketing insurance premiums with fewer and fewer actual benefits. Ask yourself, how has Obamacare helped you? Did you lose your plan? Did your premium go up? Did your benefits go down? Are you in your twenties and now facing a fine for not being able to afford health insurance? This healthcare circus MUST END.

- 12.9% Of New Hampshire Residents have not seen a doctor in the past year because of cost. [Source]

- New Hampshire state is ranked the 9th highest in healthcare expenditure per capita, that's over $1,000 per capita more than the national average! [Source]

Family is the cornerstone of New Hampshire. I believe strengthening the family is the key to strengthening New Hampshire’s economy. Unfortunately, our justice system is not doing all it can to provide stability and justice for our Families- for our mothers and fathers, and for our children. It is long over-due to bring oversight and accountability to our family courts. Every parent deserves justice in our courts regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or orientation.


The skilled workforce of tomorrow is created by the plans we make today. Providing the tools and financial opportunities for our students is absolutely critical to ensuring our state’s future, economically and culturally. We must also build the infrastructure necessary to bring jobs to New Hampshire. In the world of the internet, our economy is a global one. We must bring our state into the 21st century and compete not only nationally, but globally. It is my commitment to start New Hampshire on the right foot in the coming years- not to succeed just in the next year, or the next five. But instead to plant long-lasting and forward-looking plans that ensure a strong economy for not only our children, but our children’s children, and their children.

Economy and Education